Lease Options

At Selig Leasing, we offer lease programs tailored to your businesses individual needs. One of our highly experienced Sales Executives will review your current and future needs and recommend a lease plan customized for you. Our objective is to provide creative solutions for your specific fleet needs by tailoring programs to allow maximum flexibility necessary to meet the driving needs and budget of your fleet.

As a result, Selig customers are able to spend more time focused on their businesses while Selig Leasing concentrates on saving money and managing businesses fleets.

It is what we call the Selig Double Play.

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There are two basic types of leases, open-end and closed-end leases.

Open-End Lease

Our signature lease product is the Open-End Lease. The lessee determines the depreciation rate on the vehicle and assumes responsibility for any gain or loss from the sale of the vehicle. Vehicles can be replaced based upon mileage rather than term. It combines the flexibility of ownership with the cash flow advantages and tax benefits you get from leasing. Open-End Leases generally are commercial leases, making it easier to manage a fleet of vehicles.

Advantages include freeing up capital and bank credit lines for more vital expenditures, no mileage restrictions or wear-and-tear charges, and it provides flexibility as your needs change. Open-End Leases are best for companies that like to have an equity interest in their vehicles, as well as a flexible vehicle replacement policy, and can use leasing as an alternate source of funds.

Here is what our customer’s have to say:

With over 80 vehicles in our fleet, working with Selig Leasing has been a great partnership. For over 25 years, Selig’s service has been exceptional on every level. Their honesty and integrity is why we value our business relationship with Selig Leasing.

— Fleet administrator, service industry

Selig Leasing exceeded my expectations. We are so happy we moved our fleet management program last year. The transition was seamless and every detail was handled efficiently and accurately. I look forward to continuing this great relationship for many years to come.

— CFO, retail industry

Closed-End Lease

The Closed-End lease is set up for a specific number of months and pre-determined mileage limits. The lessee is responsible for abnormal wear-and-tear charges and any excess mileage. Closed-End Leases generally are suitable for lessees who need to minimize risk and be able to easily and accurately budget for their fleet, prefer a defined termination point and replacement policy of their leases and have predictable mileage habits.

Advantages include no depreciation risk (assumed by Selig Leasing) and insulation from used car market conditions, walk away convenience, as well as the off balance sheet financing and increased credit line availability afforded to lessees.

Here is what our customer’s have to say:

We have had a business relationship with Selig Leasing for more than 10 years. Our sales representative develops a customized selector list each year making it so easy for our high-mileage drivers. He maintains excellent communication so I can spend less time managing our fleet and focus more time running our business.

— VP, manufacturing industry

Selig Leasing knows and understands our business and goes beyond financing our vehicles. Their willingness to think outside the box and tailor a lease for each of our drivers makes Selig Leasing an invaluable partner.

— owner, hospitality industry

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